Cover Picture appears suddenly as white screen

Describe the bug
On one of my pages on windows 0.23.0 my cover is gone. Its just a white screen. It remains on android 0.5.0. I am able to use the reposition option on windows but I still cant see it. The cover is a photo I did upload.

To Reproduce

  1. Check if any cover of one of your pages is gone.

Expected behavior
Covers shouldn’t disappear.

System Information:

  • Windows 11
  • 0.23.0 Version

  • Another new cover picture appeared black the second time I opened the page.
  • The first time I set a cover picture I cant reposition it.
  • Also one icon (a picture I uploaded for it) disappeared too.

@XxxBalCion Thank you for your notice, it has been added to the bug tracker

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@XxxBalCion Is the bug still present?

Topic will be closed for now. Please check is problem exists on latest version and if so – open a new report with attached diagnostic tree :heart_hands:

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