Cover image uploaded from android app does not update in Desktop app

Describe the bug

When we upload the image for cover section in android app, it gets uploaded. But when we open the page in desktop the image is not updated.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Select any image
    1. Upload the image as cover on Android app
    1. Let the page sync
    1. Desktop app has white background instead of image

Expected behavior

Uploaded image as cover should be visible in Desktop app

System Information:

Android version : 11

Anytype Version (android) : 0.2.7

Desktop version : Windows 10

Anytype Version : 0.18.68

Additional context


For me, happened at-times for Page icon as well when the image is uploaded from the android app

I have the same issue but not systematically

@lynxlove is this still a problem on android?

Page icon and covers images are getting properly synced for me. We can consider this to be solved