Could we get AnyType Mail?

So AnyType used to be described as an “operating system for life” or something along those lines. I think an email client being built in would be a nice feature if it could utilise IPFS by storing emails on there instead of a centralised server. I got this idea from Skiff who seem fairly similar to AnyType in the sense that they’re using IPFS to create a product similar to notion, because they have Skiff Mail which I think is currently in beta. Considering a use case for AnyType is a contacts manager, having an email feature could be interesting if they were integrated together.


Hey @Zaki, thank you for your post.
You may check out this post.

Seems to be very similar. Even Skiff was mentioned there.
If you are okay with it, I would merge your post there?

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Yeah sorry I didn’t see that post, feel free to merge it if you want

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