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Hello all,
I wanted to try and figure out a way to make cornell note templates for my classes. I would like to recreate something like this in anytype. Cornell Note Taking — The Best Way To Take Notes Explained | Goodnotes Blog Does anybody know a way to do this? Does anytype suppot vertical dividers? I really like the vertical design and would prefer that to a parallel design.

Any help or tips would be appreciated. I am just now learnign the ropes to anytype.

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Something like this?

No vertical bar between the 2 columns, but you can propose a Feature Request (I wish I had this).

Yes, like that! I will have to propose a vertical bar. It could be very simple to implement. How were you able to set up two “rows”? I think that will work enough for me. Also, would you mind sending me that template? It pretty nice.

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Here’s how to do the same

I suggest to directly create a new types to define relations and template which are a good match (and will allow this type to evolve without any problems).

  • Go to Library
  • on the search field, type a name like “Cornell note”

Apply next step to your new type, or in the default type if you don’t want to create a specific one.

  • On the type, add relations you want
    – Here, I’ll create “Cornell date” as date relation and “Cornell tag” as tag relation
    (Actually, it’s better to name relationships specifically, AT doesn’t limit their scope)

  • Create a template
    – Let the title empty (you cannot underline it but you can choose a text color or a background color)
    – Enter the Relation menu (icone image on the top right)
    – Uncheck (clic the star) Object type and Descriptin to hide them from template
    – Check Cornell date to add it to the top of your template

  • In the body
    – add the horizontal bar by typing ---
    – type /relation to add your “Cornell tag”
    – Create the second column : put your cursor the line under, select the block and drag it to the right (or left)
    of the top block
    – Put another horizontal bar under (its can help to see where the “2 columns” ends)
    – Now you can easily add “Questions” and color background if you want
    – same for Key thoughts, here with the Callout format
    – same for Summary, with bold (or subheading) and center if you wan

  • Gret, you can custom more (by the “layout” menu, visible by moving the mouse above the title : center the title, …)

When you’re good, close the template page and go back to your type .

  • In the top right-hand corner of the template, click on “…” and “Set as default”
  • If this is the type you use most, you can even set it as the default object (account setting → Preferences).

Now, have fun with it :slight_smile:

And here the template :wink:
You can import it with Protobuf format (I haven’t checked if it works properly):
Cornell Note (1.3 KB)

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Great, thanks so much! I have now got it set up to work with my flow. Looking forward to trying out my new note method next class.