"Copying files" notification window needs to be moved

The layout for the notification should either be moved or movable. It blocks the navigation bar. See attached:

Additionally, not sure where to put this but I just tried uploading a single, small word doc. It’s been stuck like above for a long while.

edit on 15 Aug 2021: I’ve realised that the issue of the copying files part came up and cause it to bug out when just chucking files in. A careful drop of the files into the specific line or area by dragging and hovering makes it upload really quickly and nicely, but that may not be intuitive for most.

@godbreathed I’m not 100% sure what you’re reporting here as the description is vague: “Layout”. Are you saying that the position of the “Copying files” notification window needs to be moved?

I would also suggest posting this kind of thing as two separate forum posts, one about the layout issue (which applies to probably any type of file upload), one about the freeze-up when uploading a Word doc.


Hi. Sorry for that. I wasn’t sure where to put it.

Let me clarify. Yes, indeed I think the position should be moved or moveable.

I am also saying that it freezes up when uploading documents. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to upload documents well.

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