Copying and Pasting doesnt work

When I copy something in Anytpe the notification Copied! appears. When I wanna past it nothing happens.

Things I copy paste from outside Anytype are working.

To reproduce:

  • copy any text on any page in the Android alpha 0.1.13 or 0.1.14 version
  • paste the text on any page
  • see if it works properly
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@XxxBalCion HI! I can’t reproduce it in 0.1.14 version. Did you copy from an external source or it an internal copy? And please, write your Android version.

I use 0.1.14. When I copy something intern in anytype it doesn’t copy when I wanna past it in anytype.

@XxxBalCion what @Kirill_Lem meant to say was the android version of your phone. It is available in settings -> about -> android version. Also, are you copying something that is copy restricted such as a password or work profile related content?

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My android version is 10. And what I try to copy isnt copy restricted. Its just some random text for example i wrote in anytype.

@XxxBalCion Is the problem still there, the best way to show it would be to screen record the error you are getting and share the recording.

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Here we go

@div3xi Yes the problem is still there. I uploaded a Video.

@XxxBalCion let me install anytype on android and testout the bug

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@XxxBalCion In your video, I saw that you are using Samsung DeX which could conflict with copy and paste, as I tried it on my device and got no such issue.

@div3xi I experienced the issue first on my s9 plus. I have the copy paste issue on both devices.


@XxxBalCion Let me try to find a s9 plus, I am pretty sure one of my friends has one and I can test on it. Will get back to you very soon.

@div3xi Perfect thx : )

@div3xi Any Update?

I was unable to recreate the issue, did you try after updating the app to see if the issue is fixed.

I see this same behavior with Anytype Desktop. I was working, then stopped. If I quit and reopen the app, copy paste works again.

Tiny bit more context here:

  • copying with the command (apple+C) does not copy the text (empty text is added to the clipboard)
  • copying with the File menu does add the text to the clipboard

Maybe their’s a focus conflict when text is highlighted? Again, restarting the app resolves the issue temporarily.

@sanderpick Thank you for your notice, we will investigate this case

I get a lot of inconsistent behavior when copy/pasting text. Sometimes it goes to clipboard, sometimes not. Often right after opening Anytype.

One thing that always bugs out for me (ie. should be reproducible) is:

    1. Click to create a new block
    1. Type some text
    1. CTRL+A to select it
    1. CTRL+C to copy it
    1. CTRL+V to paste it. Block goes blank. (I guess because in step 4 the clipboard becomes blank?)

Btw, is this thread for copy/pasting in general, or is it specific to blocks? Should I create a new Bug report for copy/pasting text within blocks?

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