Copy Pasting Code is inconsistent

What’s the bug?

When copy-pasting code it will sometimes suround the code in “```” quotes and sometimes not

How to reproduce it:

See video:
Quotes mostly will appear on one liners
and mostly wont appear on multiple lines of code.

Image or Video

The Expected Behavior:

I would except that the quotes never appear preferably for my use case.


Dell Inc. XPS 15 9530


Fedora Linux 38 (Workstation Edition)

Anytype Version

Version: 0.37.3

Technical Information

OS version: linux x64 6.6.9-100.fc38.x86_64
App version: 0.37.3
Build number: build on 2023-12-27 14:14:53 +0000 UTC from at #a6b9e08d3091e8a9c17b0b50e3d591612d609bd5(v0.30.4)
Library version: v0.30.4
Account ID: AAPJmTzHpaLbq5CaHoghmpnNgFkoGLiHv3M3D6t2f9AL8aiC
Analytics ID: 4e5a69b3-1015-4b40-acd0-dab523f71d4c
Device ID: 12D3KooWAtimicfzw4NseD9kQqBZNV7GMxg6XfHDZM8SVQLgr3xY

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