Copy/Paste objects


when copying object and modifying it, it affects the original object and also the copied/pasted object doesn’t show in the file explorer


1- create blank page that will be the parent of child pages
2- create first child “page” object and give it a name say “page 1”
3- copy the first child “page” object “page 1”
4- paste it below the “page 1”
5- note the pasted object doesn’t show in the file explorer tree
5- now enter any child page and try to modify the content
6- go pack to the parent page and now enter the other page object and you will see it is also modified


this seems to be all copied/pasted objects point to the copied object which is not normal. when I copy any content or object and paste it, it should be like new separated thing and also appears in the file explorer tree


Device: PC
OS: Windows
anytype version: 0.35.4

This is not a bug. You’re conflating Object creation functions with editor / block functions.

If you create a new Object on a Page, a separate Object is created which will be linked to the “Parent” page in the block.

If you copy and paste a block, you are creating a copy of that block and it’s contents. So the link to the “child” Object that Block contains will also be copied verbatim. Thus both links will lead to the same Object.

If you want to create distinct Objects on a page there are many ways to do it, here are a few:

  • Through the / menu
  • @create
  • or you can convert multiple text (Blocks) into Objects:
    On Page Object Creation

so if I want to create new object that has the same settings, content, etc. (identical) do I have to create it from the beginning?

@Muhammad You can create re-usable templates for object types:

And you can right click an object and duplicate it from the graph view or any area where that object is listed, except a linked/mentioned one.