Copy md text to paste it elsewhere as in Notion

At the moment one can write in Anytype format and then export if one wants MD as output, but this is little intuitive and immediate.

I would like to be able to copy the text I created and paste it in MD in other applications.

I would propose toggle to (temporary) convert a block to markdown to be able to copy it.

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Hey @Earendil, thanks for your suggestion!
Just to check: you want to write text in markdown format in Anytype, and then copy-paste it elsewhere in Anytype, or elsewhere in another application?

For the first case, I think all formatting is kept during a copy-paste operation. If that is not the case, please add a bug report for that :slight_smile:
For the second case, I think a toggle to (temporary) convert a block to markdown (or show as unformatted/plaintext) would be great to allow to copy your text as markdown and paste it elsewhere. I don’t see any other feature requests for such a feature specifically.

Can you specify whether either of these two cases match what you mean?

Thank you Sam, what I would like to do is to write text in Anytype, and then copy and paste it elsewhere in another application while keeping the markdown formatting. So I suppose that I can make a feature request for a “toggle to (temporary) convert a block to markdown”, as you propose. Would that be the way to go about this issue?

@Earendil thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

My suggestion was not more than, well, just a suggestion, so please share if you have any other ideas about how you’d like to see your need met! I’m equally happy if you create a feature request with my suggestion.

Thank you @sambouwer, I will go ahead and make the feature request. Had I better change my initial post or make a new one? What is the best practice?

Both are fine :slight_smile: we can close this topic if you want to make a new one, but adjusting this one is also fine

I’ll adjust this one then!

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