Copy large text from Anytype, reorders text when pasting

If you copy a large article (About 15 pages of an MS Word document), written in Anytypeб and paste it into another text editor, then in some places the blocks from the end of the document fall into the beginning and you get porridge. The test was carried out on the insertion of text (abstract) in Evernote and MS Word.

How to reproduce:

Write a large article, copy it and paste it into an MS Word document.

Expected behavior:

The text is inserted in the order located in the Anytype note.

Actual behavior:

The text is inserted randomly. The reason is not clear.

Problem 2:
If the block had a link at the end (the text in the block ends with a link to an external resource like c), then the link when inserted into the text editor extends to all subsequent text.


Can confirm this problem on Windows.
@Blackhard Please stick to the bug report template and tell us your platform.

It’s Windows 11 operating system with last Updated Anytype

@Blackhard @Flip are you still have this issue or was it resolved?

I can’t seem to reproduce that anymore.

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