Contribute to Anytype

You want to contribute to Anytype? That’s awesome :tada:
Down below you see all the ways you can contribute.


For those with skills in:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Translation

Please sign up here to become a contributor once we go open source. We have a team member who’s preparing an outreach for everyone who’s signed up.


Help with the documentation is always needed. No matter if you like to add new articles, updating existing ones or translate them into another language, we would like your help.
The existing documentations is currently being edited by the team, after that a guide will be prepared to get new editors onboard.


People with an online social media presence (bloggers, vloggers, twitter followings) are welcome to post public reviews or demos of the app. This greatly helps us get the word out in relevant communities.

Sharing with friends. By far, our community is already amazing at this and our #1 source of referrals is word-of-mouth. Still, as we do not (and will not) pay for ads, every referral makes a difference!

Forum & Feedback

Posting about your use cases/things you built with Anytype on the forums. It provides inspiration for newcomers to keep learning, as well as showing our team how people actually use the Anytype.

Help in the Forum is always welcome. Flagging duplicate topics, collecting all needed information to reproduce bugs or just helping others by answering their questions. Every response helps.

Signing up for user interviews. At the moment we’re especially looking to speak with those who’ve tried Anytype on their tablet/iPad and have feedback on this experience (Calendly)

Would you be interested in contributing to Anytype?
  • Not really, just looking for awesome software
  • Yes, I would like to contribute to the development of the Anytype application
  • Yes, I would like to contribute to the translation of the Anytype application
  • Yes, I would like to contribute to the development of plugins
  • Yes, I would like to contribute to the documentation
  • Yes, I would like to help with outreach to get Anytype to more people

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