Context menu command to copy link to object


It should be possible, in various context menus whose context is an object, to copy a link to that object which can be pasted into a text block, as a block of its own, or into an object reference relation.


Here’s what it could look like:


In this screenshot we see an object “Lexemes” appearing in a gallery set. We also see the context menu which appears when the object receives a right-click. The context menu contains a new command “Copy link to object”.

When this command is chosen, a reference to the object is placed in the pasteboard. When the user pastes within a text block, an inline link to the object is pasted. When the user pastes at the block level, a block-level link to the object is pasted. And when the user pastes within an object reference relation, that object is added to that relation (provided that it is of one of the types which the relation accepts, otherwise a tactful error message should appear).


This is useful for users who prefer to the use the mouse, rather than type @mentions. It is also useful when an user wishes to quickly create multiple links to the same object in different kinds of places (ie. text blocks, block-level, and relations).


While it is possible to copy a link to an object in a text block or as a block itself, once copied in one of those forms it can only be pasted as that same form, and it is currently impossible to copy and paste links to objects in object reference relations.

Agree :slight_smile:

Suggested solution: Cross-App linking through ‘anytype://’ protocol

The kind of “link to object” that @MrsBasilEFrankweiler suggested would IMHO be particularly great if one could paste the generated link in other apps as a URL, just as many other apps do it, e.g. Evernote:


Evernote in addition even offers an alternative “external” URL to the same note:

That second variant would obviously be particularly brilliant once self-hosting under a custom domain name is available in Anytype, such as

Suggested solution: Deep Linking into blocks inside objects (aka ‘anchoring’)

The most brilliant way of deep-linking into Anytype objects IMHO would be the #anchoring feature that’s been often requested here by the community already, where users could generate and access anchors to blocks inside objects, just as in markup, such as

[link text](my-local-object#my-anchor) or

[link text](http://external.url/remote-object/#that-anchor) or

{#my anchor} => access it via [link text](my-object#my-anchor) or

## my headline => access it via [link text](my-object#my-headline)

… and thus be able to deep-link into any named (anchored) block in any object in anytype using


or, with the upcoming publish-to-web feature, even using

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I realize that my suggestion is very closely related to this feature request.

Maybe the value I added with my suggestion here is that I suggest

  1. a simple markup syntax in line with what @MrsBasilEFrankweiler had originally proposed above.
  2. using named-links such as [link text](my-object#my-headline) in addition to encrypted URLs like anytype:///view/4c0c4f9...0bf19de0 as suggested by @BlablaTalker there.