Content cropped of, when new object has layout width of 100%

Describe the bug
I have multiple Object Types, that I created a template for. I set the “layout width” to 100% in the template (I have a “Wiki” type as an example). When I am an object and type “/Wiki” the type is shown. When I select is it seems the template is used, but the object, that opens up is wider, that the actual window.
Video attached. (I first showed the default “page” type. Then my own)
Afterwards I changed the template for “page” also to 100% width and had the same problem with this type.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Edit the template of a type to have “layout width” of 100% (didnt test with other percentages)
  2. Go into an object
  3. type “/” and select the type
  4. See the overlaying object taking more space than available

Expected behavior
Using only the size of the anytype window

System Information:

  • OS: Linux
  • Anytype Version: 0.21.9

Are you using PopOS? If yes, is the issue reproducing even if Pop Shell is turned off or in Floating mode and Anytype window is completely maximised?

Also, Can you please check if this issue is also reproducing in your setup? Both issues seems to be slightly similar :sweat_smile:

Yes I am using PopOS. The bug isn’t present, when the window is maximized. Neither with Pop Shell On/Off or in “Tile” mode.

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The cropped of view is also shown in this setup, when I open a object from within a set. So for now on every occasion I have the “layered on top” view.

@kEbZeCKHi! What is your screen resolution?

I use Anytype mainly on my 3440x1440 screen. But the Anytype is always just a small part of this.

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This is fixed with the new behaviour, that was implemented.