Confused about how, for example, bookmarks work wrt markdown export

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I’m kicking the tires on AnyType; obviously it’s an extremely capable tool. But before going too deep I want to understand the data portability.

I created a bookmark, using the built-in Bookmark type. It gets a title, a description and there is what I might call a property field labelled “Source” for the link.

When that document is exported to Markdown, only the title is included…which is not very useful.

# AR Kane reissues   
quietus article about a.r. kane LPs   

What am I not understanding? Is Markdown export not considered complete for this product?


Hi there,

Anytype doesn’t specifically rely on markdown, but uses its type of protobuf which is called “Any-Block.” Any-Block (protobuf) is the file type that carries all the metadata that distinguishes objects in Anytype. Therefore, when you export your workspace files to markdown, it’s just exporting the raw content. This might be expanded in the future, but for now, markdown is just the raw content of the file.

Hope this helps!
-James @23jjl

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