Completed todo's should move to the bottom

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I’d like to use Anytype for a daily todo list where I add and complete items daily. The number of total items can grow quite large after a few days/weeks. It would be nice if completed todo’s would automatically move to the bottom when they are completed.

Describe the solution you’d like

Completed todo’s in a todo list should move to the bottom of the list. Maybe the best way to achieve this behaviour would by a new object type…?

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Google Keep and Standard Notes do this quite well. I’m qurrently using Standard Notes.

Additional context


I think first we’ll have to see if tasks are an object that they add in the next update and see where we go from there. It might just work in a more sensible way.

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@llego yeah I agree. I’ve seen this in standard notes and Evernote most recenty with their tasks feature.

I don’t see this as critical functionality but it does tap into productivity psychology to provide a nice visual sense of achievement for the user when they’ve completed a task.

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@Inkqb nothing “not sensible” about the request. It’s a common design pattern to order and organise tasks (very important for information architecture), and provide a sense of completion (nice for the user).

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Check boxes are not really “to dos” AFAIK, they’re kind of just “formatting”. The upcoming database/relations/collections, etc. are more likely to provide the functionality you want.

@Oshyan cool, i never really got what is meant by databases in Anytype. When people say databases, are they referring to object types?

@llego If you are familiar with Notion and its database functionality:

Something similar is coming to Anytype, but with probably more flexibility/power (at least in some ways). The terminology Anytype is using is a bit unclear to me still, but yes I think “objects” are part of this overall feature set of “databases”.

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