Complete OS's tags into the community forum

The problem

The following tags are missing: Windows and macOS.

Which I think would be very useful, here’s why:

  • Some functions are exclusive to these OS’s and cannot only be included under the collective Desktop tag.

  • This would save time for members who want to discard OS’s that are not relevant to them either by reading the tags in the topics header, nor from their Profile/Preferences/Tags section on the forum.

The solution

  1. Integrate this tags.

  2. Update the 360+ topics currently tagged with Desktop tag under their respective OS’s tag.


I don’t see any, if you do please tell me in comment.

Additional context

I am well aware of the time needed to update the 360+ topics currently tagged under the Desktop label, but it seems to me more profitable for the whole community in the short and long run.

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Maybe, but how many of those OS-specific features actually relate to or affect Anytype? How often do you realistically think this is needed? Linux is already separated because it actually does have a lot of unique problems and challenges vs. Windows and MacOS. But essentially we’ve approached this on an as-needed basis, and I haven’t yet seen a compelling need for Win or Mac.

This is likely not what we actually want. Let me give you an example: someone who is a Linux user thinks, as you suggest, that they’ll just pay attention to the Linux tag. A Windows user reports something under #Windows, but it’s actually something that also affects Linux, and that Linux user - or others - might contribute useful info to that thread. Except… they are using the logic you suggest and utilizing the OS tags to “save time by discarding OSs that are not relevant to them”, so they don’t see the Windows user’s thread, and at best we get duplication in the forum, that requires more staff time to manage. Definitely undesirable. If there were a clear and compelling advantage to balance against that downside I’d consider it more seriously, but I don’t really see one.

The other thing I’ll point out regarding your suggestion that we update 360+ topics with these tags is that many, many of those are not necessarily specific to any particular desktop OS. Sure, we could add multiple tags where something relates to multiple OSs, but why bother? That’s what the Desktop tag exists for.

To the best of my knowledge there is not a division in the desktop dev team between Mac and Windows devs. There is, in contrast, separation between Android and iOS devs, which is part of what makes those tags more useful and important, aside from the fact the respective apps are at different stages of dev, and have differing features, which is largely untrue of the desktop apps.

The bottom line is this: the tags exist for the benefit of the development teams, not (primarily) for the benefit of the testers. If you can demonstrate development-oriented advantages to this suggestion, that will definitely be considered. And regardless we’ll continue watching to see if we notice a clear need for such tags ourselves. Nothing is set in stone.


I didn’t go through all the forum topics, so giving an order of magnitude can only be subjective. What I can say is that I personally wasted a lot of time reading Bug reports or Feature request descriptions, only to find out that they did not concern my OS, where a simple tag would have made my life easier.

Seems fair, so I think we might as well associate the Desktop tag with the OS’s tags. That would be beneficial to both the devs and the users.

Sorry for the late response. I’m not quite sure what you mean here. Something like a Tag Group perhaps? Where “Operating Systems” would be the parent group of the rest? We had something like that but it’s incompatible with another tool we’re using, so we can’t have it that way for now. Hopefully later. If you meant something else, please elaborate.

As an additional note to that.
I came across a few topics that where only Mac or Windows related, where such tags would have made sense.
They are mainly visual things regarding menus, taskbars etc.

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