👯 Community Town Hall

Open Q&A session with the Anyteam. @endac will talk through the latest news from the team. We can also troubleshoot any bugs or features on desktop and mobile.

:earth_africa:February 24th @ 19:00 CET (Central European Time, GMT+1)

:link: Sign up on Discord


Can’t make it (also not on Discord) but would love to see a recording if available.


So, where is this Q&A held? On Discord? And how? One (@endac?) is talking and afterwards chatting for the Q&A?

Thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:


The link does not work on my side :thinking:


Not fixing it, if the links is broken. But at least the event is shown on the Discord server.

I very rarely used discord, so I’m out of my comfort zone here. :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately the discord server link mentioned in the April Update is no longer valid either…

It looks like the invite link is now a Nitro vanity link - have you tried Anytype ?

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Any kind soul willing to summarize main talking points, questions/answers and any relevant anouncements?

I swear I’m not just being lazy. Would love to watch the whole thing and participate more in the community. Unfortunately the best I can do atm is contribute a bit here in the forums.


(copied and edited from my answer to a similar question discord)

The whole session was Q&A. Enda answered the questions, that where asked here. https://discord.com/channels/833672277312798730/946467360611643462

Mainly things like:

  • Is XY a planned feature?
  • When will feature XY come?
  • Whats your opinion about XY?

So no “huge” announcements.

Also Oshyan talked a few minutes how they plan to improve the interaction with the community. He then wrote it up and posted it here:

Hope that helps.