Community Summary - Digest and Activity Tracking

I can’t find the feature (normally located under Preferences → Email) here.

I found the easiest way to stay engaged with the meriad of discourse based communities is working through the ‘Activity Summary’ emails. They provide a great way to get a digest of past activity and help choosing efficiently with which to engage.

Is the feature disabled or does one require a higher trust level to access it?

Anyone, possibly @moderators can share some insights plz?


Hi @dantefromhell

I send out a monthly Digest, although there’s a possibility it wasn’t activated for all groups. To cover all the bases, I’ve now retroactively applied it for all members, so you should start receiving the Digest if you weren’t before.

I appreciate your bringing up this topic. For those who might be interested, there are several ways to stay informed about the Community’s ongoing activities!

In addition, in the near future, we’re planning to introduce the Anytype Community Digest category, which will be a compilation of the activities taking place across our different channels and elsewhere on the web.

One final option for those not aware: you can install the Antype Community Discourse on your mobile device and activate notifications as well. To do this, enable notifications in your community account preferences, using the specific device you wish to receive them.

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Hey, where exactly should we be receiving this monthly Digest?

I disagree with the topic being resolved.

This is what the “Acttivity summary” configuration looks like over on the NixOS ( looks like


The most important aspect is that is allows me to adjust the frequency, depending on how frequent I want to check a forums activity.

The resulting email contains sections [examples from the NixOS forum are too long to screenshot them] for

  • Popular Topics
  • Popular Posts
  • New posts
    Which gives a great overview of what is going on in the forum overall and helps me being time efficient. Something none of the other features allow as they are either partial to topics/ tags or require me to browse to this forum for checking it.

This piece of documentation from Discouse (Admin guide to Activity Summary emails - admins - Discourse Meta) talks more about the feature. Given the configuration dialog does not show up in my user profile, I am suspecting that disable digest emails is enabled for this Discourse instance.