Community posts recency / activity/ and relevance to now() hard to intuitively grok

I think there’s a need to show some more metadata in the community forums. Specifically:

  • thread freshness
    (has this been viewed/responded to RECENTLY) when was the post created?
  • thread activity
    (already covered (ish) with replies/likes/individuals’ icons.
  • Number of views might be helpful?

There’s a lot of stuff in the community forum (This is a good thing!!!),
It can be hard for someone new to the landscape to identify the most active conversations NOW, and what problems people are experiencing NOW versus a bug N months ago that’s no longer even a problem because it was fixed.

Is it easy to enhance the community message list view with more metadata?
(am I a dunce, and it’s a user tunable setting?)


Hey Wolf! I use the options “Latest” and “Top” to see the newest and most active topics (with the additional option to filter on only a specific category like “feature requests” or specific tags like “Android”).


There are also pinned topics in certain categories that (hopefully) give some guidance fot that category.

Finally, we are actively working on cleaning up the forum to get rid of all those topics that are no longer relevant. That should ensure you no longer have to scroll through topics for bugs that are already solved or feature requests that are already implemented.

There are probably other options that I’m missing here :slight_smile:

Totally… Just trying to encourage a bit more visibility and sort ability where it feels easy to accomplish

To some degree this has been a conscious decision to make a “clean” design. The default “Views” (number of views") and “Activity” (last post) columns were hidden. Opinions vary in how desirable this is. :smile: @Vova would be the one to (re)consider this. You can see an example of what it’s like with those columns enabled here:


what im hoping to encourage is a more streamlined experience from ‘i know nothing’…

it’s hard to separate the ‘relevant to $current state’ and ‘was relevant months ago but is no longer a problem’

perhaps a different way to address this might be to have topics/tags pertaining to versions/release waves…
topics/tags pertaining to core philosophy distillation
topics/tags for various platforms
topics/tags for bug types

but that adds the overhead of keeping the metadata up to date and addressing mistagging/mis-homing…

¯\(ツ)/¯ i don’t have a GREAT solution in my back pocket tho

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