🤝 COMMUNITY FORUM: How To's & Guidelines

This Community is a special club just for Anytypers! Join us by writing to support@anytype.io

Rules of Conduct / Member Expectations :sunglasses:

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  • Treat each other with respect and refrain from engaging in personal attacks, insults, or discriminatory language. We promote a culture of inclusivity and open-mindedness.

  • No spamming or self-promotion: Don’t post irrelevant or promotional content that doesn’t contribute to the community’s discussions.

  • Communicate clearly and constructively. Offensive or vulgar language won’t be tolerated.

  • Stay on topic: Off-topic discussions can be disruptive. Keep contributions relevant to the Community’s purpose and topics.

  • Respect privacy: Respect of each other’s privacy is of the utmost importance. Sharing personal information about others without their consent, any form of doxxing or stalking, is prohibited.

  • No trolling or disruptive behavior: We have a zero-tolerance policy for trolling, harassment, or any other form of disruptive behavior. Members who engage in such behavior will be banned.

  • Provide constructive feedback and engage in meaningful discussions. We want to foster an environment where constructive criticism is welcomed, as long as it is respectful and beneficial to the community.

  • Finally and most importantly, please assist and support each other as much as possible. Documentation for Anytype is still in progress. Our app receives a lot new features and sometimes flows can change. You’ll likely face some challenges that you’ll need to figure out on your own, so please share the wisdom!

How to Participate / File Bug Reports / Submit Feature Requests :incoming_envelope:

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Before posting , please…

  • Visit the Top Posts to see the most actively discussed topics in the last year / month / week.

  • Visit the Categories to get a broad overview of what’s going on here.

  • Search before opening a new topic, as someone might have already created a topic.

  • To submit a Bug Report or a Feature Request: at the right of the page, click the “+ New Topic” button and use the provided template. If you’re unsure, observe another post for reference.

How to File a Bug Report To keep all bug reports and feature requests organized, we need to adhere to a few rules and guidelines regarding the creation of topics on the forum:
  1. Make sure your issue is not already posted on the forum by using search. It can be quite tricky to find the relevant topics, so use multiple searches with different queries.
  2. Make sure your issue is reproducible (even if it’s only reproducible “sometimes”, it’s OK), as it will be very difficult for the developers to fix an issue someone once experienced one.
  3. Create a new topic in the Bug Reports category, provide a Title, and the following necessary tags:
    • Desktop, Android, iOS
    • Trail Guide (if related to the migration process)
    • Any other relevant tags (there are quite a few options!)
  4. Follow the template and instructions to add details like steps to reproduce and print screens or screen captures where relevant
  5. The moderators and developers will take it from here!

Top 15 Voting :apple::bug: Bug Prevalence / Vote for Fixes & Features :bar_chart:

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Our objective is to measure the amount of individuals impacted by each bug in Anytype, but also to help us to prioritize development, optimization and fixes that are most urgent within the current time-frame.

To conduct this appraisal we’ve utilized Voting, visible to the left of every topic’s header in the Feature Request and Bug Report categories.

  • You have 15 Votes at your disposal, of which 1 can be cast per Topic. Cast them for the Bugs that are most the inconvenient for you, or for the Features which you desire most.

  • Votes cast for Feature Requests will be tallied separately from Bug Reports, but generally, Topics which accumulate the most votes will be treated with higher priority.

  • In the categories where voting is enabled, “Likes” :hearts: can only be given for comments, to avoid conflating the results of Topic Voting.

  • When a Feature or Fix has been implemented (and a Topic is closed), your votes will be released to you again.

  • Don’t waste your votes! Please refrain from voting for topics which don’t require it. If your votes are depleted, comment instead and add your vote later.

Note: Vote limits cannot be customized per category. There needs to be a feasible limit to retain their value and to assess the results of the votes in a comprehensible way. The more votes permitted, the more diluted that assessment becomes, this is the reason voting is limited to Top 15.

For inspiration :point_down:

Top Feature Requests

Dev Status Kanban :ballot_box_with_check:

To track the development status of Bugs and Features, each of these categories are equipped with a regularly maintained Kanban Board.

They can also be customized to your preferences using the filter button on the left of the page.

Anytype Café Chat :speech_balloon:

If you have any questions, want to share feature requests or bug reports, exchange ideas, or simply chat with other Anytypers, make sure to utilize the community chat feature. It’s there for you to connect and engage with each other and the Anyteam.

:point_left: How to Use the Forum Side-Bar

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The community tab is your main navigation throughout the Community. This tab has several functions:

  • Everything brings you to the latest posts on your forum.
  • My Posts will allow you to see the posts you have written.
  • Clicking on More will expand the details, and you can perform more functions.
  • To open the sidebar on Mobile, you need to press the hamburger button on the top right corner.

Categories and Tag:
Categories and tags display the tags in the sidebar for easy access. Clicking on the categories will bring you to the category you selected.

In order to edit these categories, you need to click on the pencil icon. You will be brought to the sidebar settings page, where you can select your categories.
Then, click on the plus icon and add the categories or tags that you need.

Clicking on “All categories” will bring you to the menu where all the categories are displayed. Same goes if you click on “All tags”, this will bring you to a menu with all the tags.

Messages is a quick menu that can allow you to view and compose messages. To compose messages, press the “+” button next to the Messages tab. To view messages, click on “Inbox”. If you are in a group, you may have multiple inboxes.

The Channels tab allows you to view chats which are available to you. To enter a chat, click on the channel you want to go to. To edit channels, click on the pencil icon next to “Channels.”

From there, you can edit which channels you want to join or leave.
The Personal chat tab allows you to view personal chats. To compose a new personal chat, click the “+” button next to the personal chat tab. To remove a person, click on the “X” next to the user you want to remove.

There is a section in the Preferences tab of your profile where you can edit your sidebar settings.
From there, you can edit your categories, tags, and change the way the sidebar displays new posts.
There is a setting for the blue badges next to the posts. There is also a setting to link to unread and show a count of new items.


In the Linux Desktop version 0.34.3, ‘Join Our Community’ doesnt show up. Instead, ‘Report a bug’ does the trick. Please adjust documentation.

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‘Join Our Community’ still shows up if you use the question mark menu in the screenshot.

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I dont see neither a Question Mark Bubble like in the Screnshot, nor a Question Mark Menu Entry. Also, there is no Question Mark Menu on Top Level (THAT one I can ScreenShot)


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My bad, seems like I used the word menu when it should’ve been button. You can find the question mark button in the bottom right corner.


Oh yes, I see it now, thank you.

Anyway, its quite confusing though. Since the ?-Popup Menu and the help Menu has nearly the same contents, it looks like they donnot have the same data source for their entries (I am not used to javascript. Most probable ‘data source’ isnt the right term for javascript, but it imho points in the direction). I think if you would use the same data source to fill both entries, such problems couldnt occurr any more.

Anyway, my problem is solved. Thank you (again)

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I’m fairly sure when I did this the other day it removed the alpha type tag from my forum account and gave me the beta type if there is any way I could get that set back?


A post was merged into an existing topic: User lost their alpha status flair