Command Browser Type

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This is not a problem.

Describe the solution you’d like
Command Browser is an app that allows you to highlight and comment websites and organise the websites and the notes into journals. It is compatible with Notion for example. Link:

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I think that this is a very good and useful tool when one makes research. I would love to have this kind of functionality in anytype.

Additional context

Developing for a software that is only available within the Apple ecosystem doesn’t seem to be a wise investment of time, nor respectful for the majority of users who don’t use these devices.

An extension for chromium browsers seems to me more appropriate and it is already announced, but as to whether it will integrate a Highlighter or not…

Thanks for your comment! Of course, I did not mean that it had to be Apple only. Definitely not. Everything should be as open as possible. I more wanted to share the idea that is very good.

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No problem :+1:t2:

Anytype is intended to become open source and ready for add-ons and extensions of all kinds, so in absolute terms integrating these features seems feasible for a motivated dev.