Column Aggregation (sum, average, etc.)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It is not possible to perform column aggregations such as sum, count, average in the grid view

Describe the solution you’d like

The grid view looks like a traditional table / database from notion. However, it does not provide an option to perform aggregation of values in a column such as sum, count, average. Having such options should aid in using the sets for inventory management, finance management etc, which generally perform all sorts of aggregation of data

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

One could create a new object of the same type in the set and add the aggregations manually. But it is not feasible and the aggregation needs to be updated for each new object added to the set

Additional context

Notion displays an overlay after the last row of a table to perform aggregation of columns:

And offers various functions to perform aggregations:


+1 for this feature


Hi! I agree with @lynxlove
I am freelance and work on several projects and it would be great to be able to enter my hours in anytype, since I use anytype for the to-dos and write down ideas on the projects. This would represent a fantastic implementation for me.

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First, having the number of rows in a table would be a useful first step ("he says after manually counting over 100 rows :sweat_smile:).


Upvote, a must for me also. In my case I use it as finance management for my business and that would be a must

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Without this feature, I have not been able to move all of my information from Notion, so, though I love Anytype, I still have to use both apps.

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I’m in the same situation, using both apps at the same time as I want to jump to Anytype, but I can’t for now.

This is an easy upvote. Finally we can avoid google sheet or excel or libre office for certain mundane task.
+1 from me. :green_heart:

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+1, I list my bills into a set, and I want to do some aggregation, such as total, over budget…

Same for me: I list my bills into a “Payments” set. I have Grid views for “To be paid”, “Late”, “Paid” and it would be useful to have sums at the bottom of the Grid view.

I would also be keen on this, I’m currently building a shopping list for my new home, and this would be extremely beneficial to me.

I would kill to have this feature. I like to add some stats to my daily notes and would love to be able to see a sum or average of them here. I would love to fully be able to switch over from Notion. This is a big one.

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I am aware of the fact that adding the databases feature would honestly take a lot of time, but to compensate on that as of now simple math calculations in sets like giving a total of #number type of relation or average of the numbers would give me as well a lot of people good productivity boost as of now!