Colours-code for Projects, Tags, Sets, Collections

Maybe this is a long shot in these early steps, not the most urgent subject, but…


It would be interesing to apply a colour code to Projects, People… (any object within a type) so they behave somehow similar to tags visually speaking.


  • Auto-extracting the main colour from the icon or the cover?
  • Adding a colour theme option to the object?
  • Allowing to change the colour of the title?

(Of course, it would be optional)


The beauty and success of the tags come from the easy visual reference of the colours. However tags are limited in several ways (I wish they weren’t): you cannot create a set of options within a tag, nor to mention them or create relations within the options inside tags.

Projects (or any other type) allow this, but they just look like a list of words when using the grid or list view.

Suggestion to add Sets or Collections to your post title and categories, because it’s already possible to color-code an object by changing the link card’s background color if it’s just an object within a type.

Other ideas for execution:

  • for object links to follow the object title’s color (since this one is already doable when you open an object)
  • option to edit text color and background in Sets, like in Simple Tables
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