Colors (discussion)

I think a few colors more are planned anyway, but I think, at least two or three gray-tones should be available for the font :slight_smile:

For example for the description Id suggest sth between 60 and 90% gray, the one available is to light from my perspective.


It would be best if they could allow for custom colours using HEX codes.


Custom colours please! Seeing the drama that recently stirred in the notion community due to the change in colours, having personalised colour palettes would be quite well received.


Not exactly related, but AFAIK, custom CSS support will be implemented sometime in the future so it should be possible to have customized palette. However, it would be even greater to have a color picker through a plugin


Yep especially for things like tags, so that a certain tag is always the same colour in your personal anytype system. :slight_smile:

You seem to know a lot of things :smile: It’s so disappointing that this forum is neglected and mostly used to spot bugs.