Colored emojis in headers

It seems that after the 0.22.1 update, emojis in headers lost their color.
Is this intentionally?

I’d prefer a solution like in word:

  • Default text color → text black, emoji colored
  • Black text color → text balck, emoji black

@Team, do you know why the color went away?

Just now seen, that it seems to affect not only headers, but more generally bold text …
I like the colorful view of one emoji per line / header, and now everything is black :frowning:

@wemiprog Hi! I can’t reproduce it. Can you write how to go to this condition? And please, remember your OS

Sorry for missing the OS.
I’m on up-to-date win 11.

to reproduce:

  1. create a new note
  2. insert this text: “Hallo :arrow_left:
    – currently should be everything fine (a blue arrow)
  3. now mark the text
  4. set it to bold
    – now it is for me “hallo <black arrow>”

hope you can reproduce it on windows :slight_smile:

Just installed 0.22.3 update, didn’t change, still experiencing this issue

Describe the bug
Instead of the emoji, some other text equivalent is displayed.
Where before I would see for example:


Now (in Dark mode) I see:


Which is bland, and removes all the aesthetics of my object. Could this be turned on/off instead?

To Reproduce
Open any object, type an emoji in a Heading or Subheading.

Expected behavior
The proper image representation of the emoji is displayed and not a flat text version.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows
  • Anytype Version: 0.22.1

Additional context
This appeared with this version (0.22.1) and is a regression from the previous one.

@nelatmani Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

@wemiprog Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it. Can I ask you to make a record how it reproduces?

Where did you try to reproduce?
On windows it is in every situation like this.

Each text containing emojis (if bold), is black/white. Even if text is written and made bold before the update.

If youd like I can record it yeah.

It is the same problem that @nelatmani mentioned.
Only difference: he uses darkmode, I dont

And he doesnt seem to have noticed that it is not (only) headers creating the problem, but bold text in general (what headers are too)

Correct, bold is the issue.

@Kirill_Lem, write down the following in any type of doc, e.g.: meeting notes

Test emoji :tada: bold

Then highlight the text with your mouse, click the bold icon. Emoji should be replaced by a flat text version now.

@Kirill_Lem What about this issue? I’d like to help you to reproduce it, since it is a big UX point for me, as I like colored emojis very much.

When I copy this line in my Anytype it shows like this:
So in two different blocks :thinking:

Hey @Flip, I’ve just tried again, and the original bug described above does not repro with Mac Desktop Version: 0.25.0

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