Collection vs Sets


When are you guys using Collections vs Sets?

I want to create a Project home page to track a hobby or a course. I am thinking with every hobby/course, it will have a mix of notes/pages, websites (bookmarks) and tasks. I think that covers all the different types of info that I would have.

I could create a collection and have separate views for each of those objects or I can create individual sets for each of those objects and then embed each set as an inline set into the project home page. So far Collections is the way to go, it is more flexible and saves page space. Is there a reason why I shouldn’t just use Collections instead of Sets? Will I hit some limit with Collections vs Sets?


There are a couple of ways to go about this. For example you could create a relation for that project and make a set based on that relation as I explained here:

I still need to explore Collections a bit more but it seems that Collections are manually added objects of any kind, where sets are more automatic based on an object type or relations.


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Excerpt from @sambouwer very useful definitions: Terminology and Concepts

A Set is a way to search Data and display it. It does not modify data, so you your data won’t be related to it, it will only be shown there, not in the Graph View. You can choose to manually link your Objects to the Set using this method: Set elements in graph view? - #2 by lynxlove

A Collection is a way to manually link any Objects. When you link an Object to it, you modify the data by creating a relation between them, and it is displayed in the Graph View. If you create an Object from inside the Collection, it should automatically be linked to it.



  • Automatically search Objects
  • Does not modify Objects
  • Is not displayed in the Graph View


  • Manually link Objects
  • Modify Objects by creating a Relation between the Collection and the Object
  • Is displayed in the Graph View

The question has completely changed, so my answer doesn’t mean anything in the context anymore. :joy:

I don’t think you will hit any limits with Collections. I personnaly prefer to use Sets because I can’t be bothered to link everything manually. I use a combination of Relations and Object Templates to automatically link Object Type A to Set B, and it works well enough for my needs. Mostly automatic and I can use a different Template to link to another Set.


Collections 2.0 will make them far more useful than they are in their current state. Should come in the next 1 or 2 releases!


what changes will there be to Collections 2.0? or is it in some roadmap that I can view?

so that is why when I create a task in a Collection and then go to My Task Set (default object), my task in the Collection is not showing in My Tasks? and it shows up in Graph as its own floating thing.

I like Collections because I can mix different object types. any reason Collections cannot auto link like Sets? what was the design in designing Collections? maybe I am using it wrong?


in what situations would I not what the objects not linked? what scenario should I use Collections over Sets?

thanks for the reference re: the relations and tags. but there is also a “tag” relation too. I would think that all relations are just tags. can I assume and use as such? will I hit any “gotchas” in the future if I use relations as just “tags”?

When do think we will see these next releases? It would be nice to get a guess

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Since the time of this post, we already had one release. You can read the release notes here: Anytype Desktop 0.34.0 Released 💥

The roll-out for new and improved Collections will happen incrementally over the next few releases. We aim to ship releases as consistently as possible, but avoid announcing specific dates to manage expectations in the event that something doesn’t go according to plan.

Instead, we work hard to provide worth-while updates, transparency in our processes, and open communication with our community.

We conduct Sprint Reviews every 2 weeks, and if the information is mature enough and relevant for our community, we share a summary.


Thanks a lot Angelo, I don’t expect specific dates but I would be happy to see a bit more detailed roadmap. You’re doing a great job here :+1:


Are collections 2.0 implemented in the new release Version: 0.35.1?