Collaboration, team environment

I know this is already on the roadmap, but I think it would be helpful to know where.

AnyType has been brilliant, I’ve been using it almost every day without issue. Collaborative documents/being able to start sharing things is the only thing I’d want from it now.

Thank you :grin:


That would realllly be awesome and one of the most important feature for making AnyType a team workspace.

But from a technical point of view, I have no idea of how this could work with the current Sync process, as it currently works reeeeally well in a local network (pretty much instantaneous, that’s awesome !) but seems to be reeeally slow when it needs to travel in the exterior.

(I am aware that there’s already an existing thread and an item on the roadmap but both come without a clear solution so I wanted to give my input here)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I love anytype and would very much love to use it for my projects. Since these projects usually involve collaborating with other people I currently have to fall back to using notion.

Describe the solution you’d like
I can share a set with another anytype user (i.e. through an invite link). Data is stored on and synced through a secure anytype cloud, a dedicated self hosted anytype cloud or through a third party cloud solution like nextcloud or google drive. Data would be synced and encrypted on the users end so only encrypted data would end up in the cloud. I am not a developer so I don’t know if that’s technically possible.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  1. Data is synced peer-to-peer whenever any number of users of a set are online at the same time. Less convenient but mostly secure I guess.
  2. A new type of (collaborative or multi-user) set that is layed out for multi user and is stored online instead of locally. With clear intention for a set to be multi-user the “classic” current set would never be prone for example to accidental sharing/data leaks. Also this way the multi user feature could be separated clearly and could also be for example a premium/paid feature for commercial use. Yet it would probably introduce quite a bit of clutter in the architecture(?)
  3. Workspaces I can switch. A workspace could be single user or multi user. Any set I create in a workspace would be available to any user who is part of the same workspace (or a selected subset) as long as they are part of it. This would probably help the user to understand where they are and would further decrease the chance of accidental data leaks.

Additional context
I am using notion to organize meetings, share knowledge and plan projects online with changing groups of people. It’s a way for me/us to make sure that information isn’t lost and that we build upon previous knowledge instead of starting from scratch with every new project or group constellation. Using anytype for that instead would be wonderful.


Collaboration is planned for this year :grin:


that is great to hear!
I could really use that collaboration right now.
Hopefully it comes soon!
Even with out all the features that have not been added to AnyType yet, Collaboration would be great right about now.

AnyType has enough features right now that you could get some thing done with collaboration until the rest of the features come out!

What are the plans for collaboration? How will it look and when will it be released?


Hello @user42, that the issues I found about your concern ! :smile:


Any workaround? Maybe in self hosted…? Maybe sync on drive or iCloud?