Code style is not uniform


The code style is not uniform as you can see below, “minimum energy required to…” and “the enrgy released when…” both are code styles but different looking. I assume the above one is the actual code style as it resembles the one in desktop, whereas the below one is buggy.


  • OS:
    Android 12L
  • Device:
    One Plus 7t
  • Anytype Version:

Hi @Ishaan, could you add your steps how to reproduce this? Without that information it is hard to find out what is going wrong here…

i dont know how to reproduce it sadly, it just happened out of nowhere :frowning:

Are you by any chance using Androids “Force Dark Mode” feature?

Also did you wrote the entire thing in Android or partially on both devices? Because like you said the above code block represent the one from Desktop and the bottom one illustrates when created from Android it self.

I type everything on desktop

No no, nothing like that, I have my developer mode turned off

Ah Alright! But this doesnt seem to happen on my device. Pherhaps can you record a video of it? And can you please check one more thing for me? Can you please make sure that colour property is not set to “Amber” that might be another reason for it to appear yellow-ish on desktop.

I understand that default code blocks look alike when colour amber is selected but this doesnt happen on android.

Heres how it looks on android for me

Maybe this is what happening? I maybe wrong so please do correct.

Man you are right! THIS IS NOT A BUG. I had previously highlighted definitions in amber but then i discovered the code style which naturally changes the background and the text colour to amber and changes the text style…so i changed all ambered texts to code style and forgot to decolour it to default. Well but i changed the the one i called buggy to default and thus it appeared white to me on android which is exactly how it should look like! the code style on android represents the desktop one when its also coloured in amber. So basically there is a colour difference in the code styles of desktop and android or mobile versions. I misunderstood it as a bug, so sorry! U r right friend. I should make this a feature request to resemble the code styles of mobile and desktop versions!

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@Angelo or @sambouwer Can we close this issue? Its solved now. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Sedulous, top work sussing that out!