Code block: option to have language picker much less prominent

It’s currently fixed on top left.
On top right it would still be bad, as it makes the code itself start one line lower.

Ideal solution would be option to toggle it (persistent; and with option to choose default for new blocks), as suggested by @sambouwer

Hi @qualquertipo, probably a first, but I don’t agree with this suggestion. I think code is one of the cases where you want to know the language first, before reading the actual code. Scrolling to the bottom (in the case of a long piece of code) and then back up does not make sense.

Is the one line of screen estate such a waste? If so, I’d love to see a little toggle at the top right to show/hide the additional info. As an example, I like these kinds of code blocks;

After the toggle, it would become this:

Makes sense. I don’t do much coding, so am rarely unsure what language a snippet is in.

The ability to toggle the info would be perfect!

Will adjust the FR accordingly.

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