Clicking away from a set view before it has fully loaded results in an infinite cycle of view changes

Using 0.21.9 on Linux.

Clicking a set view, then clicking another view shortly after, results in the UI cycling between the two views forever. In this clip, I am not pressing any keys or using the mouse at all once the cursor leaves the screen.

For some of my sets, the window during which this bug gets triggered is around 5 seconds long. It can cycle through as many views as exist, here it is cycling through five views and sitting at a constant 250% CPU usage to do so.

@triangles Hi!

  1. What kind of Linux do you have? (Ubuntu, Debian etc)
  2. Did you use filters or sorts in that view?

This is under Debian 11.1, with a single tag filter differing between the views.

@triangles Is this bug still present for you?

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