Clear file cache function isn't working

Tried to clear file cache, but media files are still in Appdata/Roaming/anytype2/tmp.

Anytype v.0.25.0


From the docs:
You can delete all the content via the clear cache option in iOS and Android. This will remove all the data altogether and force the app to sync once again entirely. Since the media download works on-premise, you will remove all cached media and clear some storage.

Just tried it and my media files were also still there.

Hi @G_Atrx! What OS do you have?

I’m on Windows 10 Home

There were several places where files were saved to tmp folder inside your app data: clipboard, file downloads to open them in external app and some debug archive commands. All these places were changed: clipboard now doesn’t save any media and other places now save their tmp data to system temporary folder which is cleared on app restart automatically.