Clean Setup

New to AnyType and am in the process of getting setup / started. Is there a way to do a “clean” setup - so I don’t have all of the pre-installed stuff like the locked objects and relations? I want to be able to start from scratch and only include things I will use and don’t want the “noise” of all the other stuff.

I’ve searched high and low for any guidance on this online before posting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m eager to get started!

Welcome :slight_smile: .

Not now, but in a future release, in principle, we can start with an empty base.

For now, you can :

  • create a set
  • Select Query → Add a relation → object type; let with all (all object has a type so you have everything)
  • select all in your set and delete :grin:

I’m hoping it gets addressed with the upcoming mult-spaces solution!

I’d use that to keep one space as the ‘original/tester’ and then a new space to start from scratch. Depends if they make it so the objects are available throughout the other spaces.


Is there no way to remove the locked types? Not even through the install files on my desktop?


Not currently, no. Some of them are required in order for Anytype to function. The Type type, for example, is absolutely critical :slight_smile:. Without the Set and Collection types you have no sets and collections, which would be a major bummer. The Audio, File, Image, and Video types are needed to store those kinds of outside data (e.g. no File type means you can’t attach files to objects).

So far as a I understand, the only locked types that aren’t truly essential are Bookmark, Note, Human, Page, and Task. With multiplayer coming, Human may become essential.

But I do sympathize with wanting a clean start, and I think it’s more likely to possible for Anytype in the future than similar things in other software.

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