Checkbox "newline" animation behavior issue

Describe the improvement needed

when using checkbox pressing enter after the text is typed causes the caret to comes to the beginning of the checkbox in the same line and then step down creating the next checkbox

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to page
    1. Click on checkbox using slash and enter some text and press enter.
    1. See that caret comes to the beginning of the same line and then gets to following checkbox.

Expected behavior

Instead it would be consistent if it comes down directly instead of going to the begining and then down


  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04

So, just to be sure I understand, you are using the / slash menu to create a checkbox while on an existing line of text in another block?

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@Oshyan Here is what @Srinath is trying to say.

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@div3xi Oh, I see, so it’s really just an aesthetic thing, right?

@Oshyan can we have a new tag called aesthetic.

@div3xi I will discuss with the team how they want to handle these types of reports.

@Oshyan Caret changes position. Say there is a text “This is a text” When I type /before the text and then start typing the command i.e Heading, subheading, checkbox it becomes like this /TChis is a test However the behaviour should be /Cthis is a test

@Srinath If I understand correctly, this is a separate issue from the original one above and should be reported separately.

@Oshyan I reported it in a single report. my bad

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@Srinath Thank you :slight_smile:

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@div3xi For now we will not add a new tag for this. But we will be reconsidering the whole tag system since most feedback goes into UI/UX right now, and that could be more granular. There may be some changes in the future.

The cursor movement in the video is no happening to me in 0.24.0 anymore.
@Srinath Can you confirm, that this is fixed?

@Flip App is so laggy in linux I can’t check it