Checkbox cant be ticked when page is locked

Whenever i create a checkbox in an object and lock the page, i cant tick the checkbox, both in my android and on my pc, please fix this bug!

Hi @Ishaan, wouldn’t you expect the no changes can be made to the object once locked? Or should you prefer to have a “soft lock” where certain edits are allowed?

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I have my tasks already arranged under the days of the coming month, and i prefer to keep it locked except the checkbox because as i would keep on completing the tasks on that day, i would need to keep on ticking the to dos, if checkbox can be made to edit even when locked, that would be great!

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Sounds like a reasonable request :). Would you agree to generalize the request to distinguish between content changes (“Content lock”) and block state changes (“State lock”)? Some examples of how I would separate the two:

Content lock prevents:

  • Adding or removing blocks
  • Changing block order
  • Changing block contents

A state lock prevents:

  • Changes to checkboxe states
  • Changes to toggle states

Enabling both locks prevents any kind of change to the object at all.

Yes that sounds awesome!

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Does not seem very reasonable to me, to be honest. First of all you can edit checkboxes of locked tasks in a set, there is no check for locked state. Second - 50% of people would consider changing checkboxes of locked pages inside the page as a bug, so maybe this is not very good idea.

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Hi @Razor, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! I agree that this could be a source of confusion, but only if the UI is not clear about the difference. We currently have one lock option called “Lock page”, which implies no changes can be made. If you turn this into two options, it might be clearer what is actually locked (and what still can be changed). From a UI perspective, I would rather see two options each with their own toggle than the “Lock page” which becomes “Unlock page” when toggled.

Anytype seems to be built/being built for flexibility, so this could be one more way to offer users more granular control over their content.


But for people like me, who prepare their week at the start of it, knows what to do in the entire week, so we create to dos of everyday and follow it the entire week, but when the page is locked, we can’t tick the to dos, and checking the to dos with unlocked page is overall not a pleasant experience, an option would be great!

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Could you please share video so we can discuss this internally?

I have many checkboxes in an object planned for the month and I wanna lock it and check the to dos as I go on with the day, but I can’t if the object is locked

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