Characters disappear while writing title of Task, also the text cursor might move unintentionally


The text cursor might jump it seems when writing the title of a Task object.
Also, it seems like characters are deleted as the title of a Task object is written.


  1. I installed Anytype minutes before making the task.
  2. I followed the instructions in the video " Class Notes" by Anytype to make an object type called Course.
  3. Made a set of courses.
  4. Opened one of the courses and added a Task object.
  5. Write the title of the Task.
  6. I was able to provide you a video capture of the bug.

In the supplied video I consistently try to write "Oral Exam " with a space at the end.

What you will notice is that the space at the end does not show up a few times. Also, you will notice that the l in Oral sometimes gets deleted. From the video it is clear that the l is written, and that it disappears shortly afterwards. One of the lasts things you will see is that the text cursor seems to move in front of the l, such that " Exam" is written before the l.

Only once do I make a mistake myself as I am writing the title of the task. The mistake is that I miss the r in Oral. This happens towards the end of the video.

Here you have the video:


I should be able to write the desired text without the text cursor moving around.
Also, I should be able to write text without parts of the text disappearing as I write.


  • OS:
    Windows 10 Pro - 21H2 - 19044.1889
  • Device:
    Workstation / PC
  • Anytype Version:


I have seen that there are other posts that mention that the text cursor moves around, but it does not seem to be the very same thing that is happening here.

One of the posts are: Post by roncz (Alpha Tester)

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