Changing text color: remember last used color and adding shortcut

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I use text color quite often to bring out salient points of page I am writing. Currently, the method of changing colors is not convenient and it does not have an associated shortcut. To change color, I have to select a bit of text, click the black dot and selecting the color (3 clicks). This makes it harder to use a keyboard only style and disrupts the flow of writing.

Describe the solution you’d like

    1. It would be very convenient if anytype remembers the last color used, as mostly people use the same color often. This reduces the number of clicks by 1.
    1. Adding a shortcut aids a keyboard only workflow as one could choose the color at the beginning of the document and keep reusing it with the shortcut.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Alternatives exist already, it is just inconvenient.

Additional context

This is something notion does well out of the box. It remembers the last used text color and assigns that to the shortcut ctrl + h.


@abstractgeek Or a default color for headers would maybe help too

@abstractgeek Anytype has the following two shortcuts for quite a while now. Do they server your purpose?

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