Changing block color doesn't change selected text color

Describe the bug
When you change a block color to something, then type something and select the just typed text, it will be that block’s color, but selected text color shows as “default” white and you cannot change that to white, only to other colors.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Write any text
  2. Change that text block color (from the left) to anything else than default
  3. Select any part of text to change only that selected text color
  4. Notice that selected text color is “default” which is white → so if your block color is red and you want to change some text to white, that’s impossible. Also the setting doesn’t reflect reality.

Expected behavior
Selected text color should show whatever color was set in the block.

System Information:

  • OS: e.g. Desktop Win/Mac and also Android
  • Anytype Version: Desktop 0.25, Android 0.6.1-alpha

Additional context
Basically if you change a text block to some color, you cannot later change parts of that to white as “white” or “default” color is occupied by whatever color the block is set to.

The text in the picture selected is blue but the color picker shows “default”.

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Replicated on my Mac and Android and this happened as well. It might be a general thing then.

Only way to get around this is by colouring the text and not the block if you plan on changing the colour of parts of the text later.

Could you check this again? Seems to work fine on Linux.


still able to replicate.