Change relation defined in object to type

I’m logging my books under book type. I added some relations (attributes), among them start and end date to record when I read them.

I wanted to open the book object and fill the ‘end date’ attribute, but often they are not to be found. I can only update them in a “books” set with the attribute added to the view.

Attached are screenshots of 3 books, only one of them has “end date” attribute.
Also, the position and order of the relations (attributes) seem to change object to object, which is irratatingly confusing.

Well, after typing these and looking at my screenshots side by side, the answer came to me, “end date” is an relation in object, not in type. Now, can I change it to be a type attribute?

Did you add the relation to the Book type or to one of the Book templates?

You can add relations to types trough the library.

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Thanks! I suppose there isn’t a way to transit object’s attribute to type’s attribute?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?

If you add a relation to a type like this, the relation will be suggested in every object of that type. If the relation is already part of the object, nothing should change. The data should still be there.

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That is exactly what I mean. Thanks again! :smiley:

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