Change name of Status and Tag relation types to Select and Multi-select

Status is a single select, tag is a multi-select, and I think they should be called something that reflects this.

They are used for so much more than statuses and tags, and new users will be confused by these specific terms. I know I was.

I cringe every time I use a “Status” type for something like “Frequency” or “Size”. These are not status.

I’m not even sure there aren’t cases where something can have multiple statuses or only one tag, so the terms are not reflective of their features

Not to mention there is a default Status relation on tasks with a Status type, which is doubly confusing, especially when I see Status next to my Size field. They are Select and Multi-select.


I had similar thoughts at first: what’s the status? what’s the tag? oh, this is a single selection, that’s a multi-select!

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Hey, the team has already though about doing something like this. Maybe @ignatovv could elaborate a bit.

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Naming is important.

I know the term “Tag” since many years and from different other software products, so I think it’s well established.

But “Status” is indeed a bit … hmmm.
What about “Choose”?

English is not my mother language, so it maybe I tell rubbish.
But to my mind, this term means that you can choose exactly one item from a list of offers.

Choose a color!
Choose a present!
Choose a dance partner!
Choose your shoe size!
Choose your preferred operating system!
Choose what you want to eat!

Tag is well established for the purpose of tags, however not as a general concept for multiple select fields.

People coming from other tools like Notion, Airtable, Coda, Tana - all will be familiar with “Multi-select” as that is the term they use. This is a no-brainer to reduce friction.

Same goes for Select or Single Select.

While you are at it, rename Bin to Trash, and try to use the most common names when there is no intentional distinction.


… Hm, but type are alreay multi-select and select, is it new?

But it remains to be corrected everywhere

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Looks like maybe they made this change in a nightly build? Hurrah! :slight_smile:

It’s very new. :sweat_smile:

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I wrote a complete post and before validating I went to see. Fortunately (well, I threw away my post):grin: