Change app time zone?

What it says on the tin. How do I set the time zone for the app? It appears the app thinks I am +11, when I am -8. All of my objects with a relation date of today changed to ‘Tomorrow’ at 7pm local time.

(I have already double checked that my system time and time zone is correct and set to automatic in Windows settings)

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@eliwimm Does this still happen for you?

Hi, thanks for posting here. It looks like this post The time value for the "Creation date" relation is always in GMT, regardless of the system's time locale is a duplicate of your post - the time zone not being aligned with the system’s time zone. I’ve also tested this out in the latest Anytype 0.26.1, and it appears that this bug is not resolved. (Worth noting that according to user reports, this does not happen on the Android app)

However, since the later post has screenshots that provide an example of the bug with more details and generally has more user activity underneath it, I’ll go ahead and merge this post under that later post.

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