Certain pages are impossible to search for or link to

I’m using Anytype 0.18.28 on Windows 10, and have just bumped into an unfortunate problem: I’ve written pages about the C# programming language and the A* search algorithm, but am unable to find them through search or create links to them. They are not suggested during searches for “A” or “C”, and zero results are reported when searching their full exact page titles.

Unless I’m misunderstanding Anytype’s navigation system, I think I’ve also rendered one of these pages inaccessible in a strange way: I erased the only link to my page about F#, and not being able to search for it, there seems to be no way I can get to it except by restoring old versions of the page that used to feature a link. That’s a bit of a problematic situation.


It might have to do with the fact that the search function behaves VERY strangely, I have >30 pages that start with “a” or have “a” in them but when I type “a” in the search bar only 2 random pages show.

I have a page that is called “fibrillation auriculaire (FA)” that I cannot find by typing “FA”, find while typing “Fibr” and can’t find while typing “fib”. I don’t understand how the hell it works, it seems very erratic.

@triangles Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

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This problem still occurs in my version 0.21.1. Some pages/sets are missing via search or link to option.

Still a problem in 0.24.0
Side note: Searching for an object with “/link” doesn’t found my testobject. But “@testobject*” was found.

@triangles @XxxBalCion
I tried it with 0.25.0 and could find all my objects both ways.
Please check if this is fixed for you.

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