Caret-like vertical bar in exported PDF

What’s The Bug?

When exporting object as PDF, vertical bar is shown at the position of caret.

How To Reproduce It

  1. Open any object you like.
  2. Click three dots on right top corner and select Export.
  3. Set params as follows then click Export button. You see vertical bar in exported PDF.
    Export format: PDF
    Page size: A4
    Landscape: unchecked
    Print background: unchecked

Image or Video

The Expected Behavior

No vertical bar.


MacBook Air M2, 2022


Sonoma 14.3.1 (23D60)

Anytype Version


Technical Information

OS version: darwin arm64 14.3.1
App version: 0.38.0
Build number: build on 2024-01-23 17:45:05 +0000 UTC at #c71c64146c6e721ac39e01d450f38db5e6963f2e
Library version: v0.30.12
Anytype Identity: A74WvtiwAfxgT5gqqKG8dK72ovkH5DPHfV3QYEAeqQfXdr1y
Analytics ID: 6fc28434-3efc-4e3f-8f26-7bffce30393c
Device ID: 12D3KooWNkfkdyckCUVLXiFPVJj1h3CJR82PFGeHfdHU9FQnggHm

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