Caret Jumping While Typing - Maybe sync related


I hate to bring up closed bugs but I think this relates to this one: Cursor jumping back while typing, still a problem - #23 by snipes

Occasionally the caret will jump back a few characters while typing, worst case, entire lines can be removed.
Seems to introduce other issues as well such as not being able to backspace to join the first character of one block to the end of hte previous. Also failing to create formatting such as bullet points.
Ctrl+Z can usually return the omitted text if it was just a sinple character missing - -doesn’t seem to work if there’s been a change of formatting etc.

Tested in 0.35.2 on Win10, 11, and Fedora Linux.


Type fast with limited or intermittent internet. The larger the page becomes, the more likely the issue is to occur.
Tends to happen when I’ve stopped to think for a few seconds.
If you have a network limiter you can artificially trigger it by throttling the anytypehelper.exe and Anytype app although the effect seems slightly excessive. Potentially the errors are just inversely proportional to the internet speed.


Local first so how I interact with the app should be the master version. Syncing should be secondary, it needs to understand that downloading a previous state while I’m actively typing is frustrating and obstructive.


Text blurred for privacy but here are some examples of it happening.
This was recorded in Fedora linux in normal use. Happened a few times so I started recording in case it happened again:

Experiment with throttling the network on Windows 11 down to 5KB/s for Anytype and helper:


Anytype 0.35.2
Windows 11 - Ryzen 9, RTX3080
Windows 10 - Intel i10, RTX3080ti
Fedora 38 - Intel i5, MX450

It’s a pretty alarming bug. I specifically use AnyType because it should let me write thoughts and notes while I’m on a train or out hiking being local-first. There’s now this kind of anxiety that even if I write something, it could be sync’d out of existance, i really don’t want to have another platform just for when I have questionable internet.

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This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.