Cards linked objects have a residual overlay when empty

Describe the bug

Inside the Layout preview options, If we hide the Relations “Name” and “Description” from of a Cards type linked objects that have a cover, the overlay remains visible but empty.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Create a link to an existing object that already have a cover.
    1. Go to the Appearance “Layout preview” options of this linked object.
    1. Select “Card” type.
    1. Show “Cover” value.
    1. Hide “Name” and “Description” values.

Expected behavior

No blank overlay on top of Cards Layout preview from linked objects that have a cover when “Name” and “Description” Relations are hidden from those Layout preview options

System Information:

  • Windows 10
  • PC
  • Anytype v0.19.0

Additional context

Cards must therefore have a distinctive border to differentiate them from simple images and represent their clickable effect.


Does notices are as absent as the regular updates of Anytype? I know that it’s far from a priority bug to fix as there is already so much unresolved, but I expected a consideration of each contribution.

Anyway the state of Anytype does not allow me to fully manipulate data. As among others the countless limitations imposed by your UX such as the default Objects/Relationships that cannot be deleted, which does not really encourage to use the tool, there is plenty room for improvement.

Anytype has a fabulous potential, the basic concept being very solid but so devolving. Besides the fanatics, in its current state the UI/UX would put off any newcomer as well as power-users.

Don’t be fooled by the ambient positivity, your focus should be like any business, on solving your users problems, reshaping your own product vision from their expectations more than bringing new features even before solving the previous ones.

I hope for your awareness.


Hey, @AyneHancer

This particular report was considered as a UI feature, cause it worked as intended. We didn’t think that someone would use the only cover image as a page link when developed. It’s useful, looks like a banner, and we will definitely remove a placeholder for this case! :grinning:

We are aware of every feature request and bug report made on the forum. Every topic gets into our task tracker gets prioritized and waits until the team will be ready. It’s unfortunate, but we may leave some of the requests with less feedback to make other things faster. :frowning_face:

We are working on a big update, developing high-priority feedback made by users here on the forum like Deletion, Sets creation, Dark-mode, Clipboard issues. We will try to make your feature also as soon as possible.

By the way, there will be the possibility to show also object’s relations on the cards, so no name and icon might be a useful setting for you even without page cover.

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Thank you @Vova

Nobody can think about every use case :wink:
If you don’t consider it as a bug, then why don’t you update the status of this post to Feature request though?

Prioritizing is totally understandable, but I have to admit that when we see a feature as complex as Graph view appearing while dozens of unresolved bugs are waiting for a long time to be fixed, in this case, I have trouble understanding your priorities.
Rather than releasing the feature quickly at the expense of pre-existing bugs, don’t you think that announcing it on a roadmap would have been a better choice?

As I say, this one is really not a top priority feature :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: However, the Deletion and Clipboard issues really are. Dark-mode not really, more of a convenient feature in my opinion.

Good news, a welcome addition.


All team is working on the upcoming release, and forum moderation is less accurate as it been before.
I will change the type now.

We have all the features in the current roadmap announcement: Release plan - A general roadmap. Later we will start to label topics as “planned”. You will be sure that your proposal will come to development.

We won’t make more concrete predictions (like estimate of time) not to disappoint you, and we want to set reachable expectations with the community.

This is how we work:

  • Part of the time we fix bugs and try not to make dependencies with new features development. So usually we release things when they are just ready. It might be also small enhancements.
  • Sometimes we plan and coordinate big features on several platforms, this usually takes more time and way more risky. That’s the reason why we don’t want to say ETA for them.
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I almost forgot!

We will also make a cover with less height. So the link will have mostly the same image positioning as the cover.

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@Vova Thanks a lot for the enlightment :pray:t2:
I am glad to see that there are many improvements in the pipeline :clap:t2:

It would be ideal if the covers could have an adjustable height, but this is a detail point. Thanks again for your time.


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