Card view not showing updated text

Describe the bug
Card view does not update in real time.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Library
  2. Click on Types
  3. Scroll down to Project, click on “New template.”
  4. Close template after typing one word, re-open the template to keep working on it.
  5. When you close the template again and look at the card, the first one word will still be on the card.

Expected behavior
I expect the card view to update every time I close it.

System Information:

  • OS: OS12.2.1
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Macbook Pro
  • Anytype Version: e.g. 0.23.5

Not exactly the same behavior, but on Windows too Templates card view are not updated every time we close it.

MacBook Pro user as well and this is still a bug :confused: I hope this can be fixed soon. It occurs for all templates on my end

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Yep. Only reloads after the type’s page is reloaded. (0.27.0)

@Bajaratt I can’t reproduce this in 0.29.1. Can you confirm it is fixed?

Closing this because of no further responses.
Feel free to create a new topic when needed.

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