Card view for nodes in Graph View

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It would be great to have the nodes displayed as a card along with its relations with only links going from each card to the other

Describe the solution you’d like

Something like this as shown in the knowledge base

Additional context

  • The card view would make it hard to display more nodes in less space. So maybe the card view could be restricted to graph views with only a maximum of 100 nodes (after filtering) or something
  • Another improvement is to display a card of the node under the cursor on hover or display the card only for the active node

@lynxlove That’s what I thought too, but how much would it affect performance??

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@Srinath Most of the relations are already being fetched to create links but i still hope that displaying them as cards would be less performant which is why i suggested two other improvements in the additional context:

  • Only allowing card view for graphs if the number of nodes is less than a certain maximum hard limit
  • Only display cards on hover of a node

@lynxlove hover to card is great. Similar or maybe even same as link preview.

That would indeed be amazing but since relations are what is displayed on cards there would be some kinks to work out to not display the same information twice