Can't set time on a "Due date" relation in page mode, but I can do it in table mode

Describe the bug
When I choose a date on a given “due date” relation, it doesn’t show me an option to set the time (that, sometimes, causes some dates to move to the previous day), but later I can add the time of that “Due date” relation in se set table view. See images attached.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to any object with a “due date” relation (Task would work)

  2. Click on the due date relation to set the date. You won’t see the option to set the time.

  3. Finish creating the task.

  4. Go to the table view of the tasks set and locate the task you’ve just created

  5. Click on the field of the “due date” column. You will see the extra : after the date to modify the time

Expected behavior
To find the option to set the time everywhere I choose the date

System Information:

  • Windows 11
  • Anytype Version: 0.25.4