Can't open anytype after i close it


When i click on the red cross to close anytype on macos, i can’t launch it again (i need to quit and relaunch).

Is it a known issue ?

I have Anytype 0.17.2



I found out that it stays on the top menu, and only from there you can open the window again (like in the screenshot)

I have the same version as you and this is the only way I can reopen the app again without launching it

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@elena’s seems to be a possible workaround!

I notice that this behaviour is present in apps with more of a menu bar functionality; usually, all other apps would respond to opening when launched again (clicking on the logo, using Spotlight Search, using the Launchpad, etc.). It would be great if this was fixed! Great catch.

@elena thanks for the workaround

@Vincent can i mark this issue as solved?

yes, thanks !