Can't Minimize the anytype window

When I try to minimize anytype window (by pressing the middle system button) it goes into full screen mode. I can’t exit it . Only way to exit is to kill the app process and start again


I have also seen this problem, but I think it is the same as [this bug](Taskbar disappears after minimizing and maximizing.) that was reported previously.

It’s also useful for the Devs to have the OS listed and the Anytype version so that they can more accurately identify the issues. You’re using Anytype 0.18.15 for Windows 10 correct?

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@jayenicks yeah i will keep that in mind next time I mention any bug . Thank You !

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@Tanzeel098 Hi! We have fixed it, please check it in the newest release in the next week

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Hi all,

joined the “alpha test” group just yesterday!

Windows 10 pro 20H2 - anytype 8.18.28

I’m having similar problem: no way to resize using the middle icon, simply goes to full screen or back again to “almost full screen” (the Windows status bas below remains).

“Reducing to icon” works and also closing it’s possible, the only problem is having anytype window not big as the screen is!

If I move the window from the external monitor I’m using now (fullHD) to the laptop monitor (4K) the windows adjust to take ALL of the new screen.

Ok, obviously Anytype version is 0.18.28 !

I had the opportunity right now to test it with just the laptop, no external monitor connected and taking my time: the problem is not as I described above.

Actually it’s possible to reduce the window, but only acting on left-bottom-right sides. On the top side (incuding the 2 top corners), the “resizing arrows” are simply not shown!


I get the same results as @Massimo (Anytype 0.18.28, Windows 10)

@Massimo @NemeanLion Anytype menu(in left upper corner) has the category window, it contains buttons minimize, zoom and close. Do they work for you?

Same result here on Windows 10 Pro, 21H1, 10.0.19043 Build 19043.

The Anytype menu (left upper corner) is partially working: minimize and close work normal, but zoom doesn’t do anything. Same as the right upper corner window buttons.

This has been a problem since the last two builds. Also, when trying to close anytype from the top right corner, it takes a significant amount of time.