Can't install Anytype on my iPhone: my code doesn't seem to work

Hi Anytype community!

I finally wanted to install and try Anytype on my iPhone iOS 14 and my macOS 10.14 using the Alpha program email that I have received after the onboarding session with Enda, but it seems I can’t get any of the versions working.

:airplane: On my iPhone, TestFlight asks for a code, and it seems the one I have received in the email doesn’t work. And on macOS, the app asks for a keychain phrase or private key that I don’t seem to have (at least, the code that I have received via email does not work either).

Any clue on what I need to do or can do to get going?
Many thanks in advance!
Kind regards,

— Phil

:desktop_computer: Edit: I finally figured out I needed to go through the “Sign Up” process on macOS, and then found my keychain phrase in the app. :white_check_mark:

:question::airplane: On TestFlight though, I still don’t know how to get Anytype working. Any help will be more than welcome!

Did you try logging in with the keychain phrase from the macOS app to login into the iOS app?

Hi @lynxlove!
Thanks for your quick reply! For some reason my TestFlight app does not take in any number nor any vowel—it takes only consonants!—, so I can’t type the keychain phrase.
I can’t copy-paste vowels either. Did you have the same issue?
Any workaround?

If you have installed testflight on your iphone, just click the ios icon on the anytype download page from your iphone.

That’s odd. I don’t own an iPhone so can’t confirm, but Anytype android has a QR scanner for logging in. If iOS is the same, you can then display the QR code from the mac app and try using that to sign in

Yay, thanks @michaellw, it worked! I had installed TestFlight in parallel and couldn’t find my way towards Anytype. I’m all set now! :tada:

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